The Images I make are ultimately an attempt to understand this shared reality we all experience, its how I depict things, how I look at tangible objects, how I look at people, how I observe reality and how I react to the world, a lot of my Images are visceral, and I wish to understand these reactions in order to construct an image which echos the message of our times for people of the future!

Often I wonder if in the future the treasures of mankind will be the moment captured in a photograph as it is for oil paintings we see in galleries around the worldnow! can these images help form ideas that can shape our future, where are we heading?

When made into tangible objects photographs become something more than the digital image (of which we tend to see out of context and often amongst a thousand other images) when presented to the viewer in a gallery or a book, they make a subtle demand of your time, they ask you to think about what’s before you, to connect with the creator and the subject they’ve chosen to capture, they have the ability to align the past present and sometimes even change the future. I hope you enjoy my photography, if you’ve any questions please get in touch.