Ptown is the name given to my home city by myself and many of its inhabitants, unsure of the origins of its nick name, but I like it! in fact theres a guy who’s even named his podcast after it! (worth checking out:link below).

Often when photographing topography you’re most likely to be stood on tarmac or concrete! It has both an unease and a convenience. When I choose the spot in which I decide to make my image, It is both a look at the past and a daring pier into the future, asking; will we make the same mistakes those made of the industrial past or will we listen to the youth of today and begin to shape the future for them?

That said a cities landscape holds many memories for the people of the city as it does me, I’ve noticed how a space beyond home, becomes an extension of home and plays a part of shaping those memories no matter how small or insignificant they may seem at the time! In the following photos I invite you visit these moments, look back at those memories and think of how the future may look? For me and others who have also passed through the spaces built by those of the past, for us living now to shape it for children of the future.

I continue to make photos of my home town and the places I visit and the people I meet, my aim is to add to the rich tapestry of our existence, each month I Self-Publish a zine* using a company called Mixam, please see the links below to order a copy of my zine and visit the people/companies I’ve mentioned in this post.

*note not all images from this post made the final edit of my published zine, if you would like a copy of any prints pease get in touch… &

Whenever I pass though Preston Bus station, I pass this spot! Recently when trawling through my archive I had noticed that I had several photos taken from a similar point of view, initially this was not a conscious decision. On discovering I’d been making a series of similar images I decided to continue this is a photography project. Continuing to position myself in the same spot, observing how this space is used, as the series progress I hope to see more accuracy on my framing the ability to balance the ever changing light as I approach the corner before I see who’s sat or stood in the space. A waiting space, a space to ponder scroll on phones or just have a rest with the shopping, watch this space to watch the project develop…

For the last 5 years,  I’ve been working on a photography project; Most of the project has been focused around a small family run pub in the Northwest of England; The Moorbrook, there are other pubs included, but decided the project would work better if  I immersed myself in one place, became part of the furniture, got to know the regulars on a personal level, got to know every nook & cranny, there’s been good beer, music, fun, frolics and even politics, here’s some a sneak peek of some of the images that I’ve made